Sunday Funday … was a great day out

Trying something just a little different, the QPA’s Quaama Spring Fair was a break from tradition.

Instead of Saturday morning it was Sunday afternoon and rather than a ‘market’ sort of feeling, the day was more about gardens, kids and events; races, faceprinting, story telling and all around fun.

The adults parked themselves in front of ‘the veranda’ and heard from garden guru Margaret Sirl while the kids went from the jumping castle to Annie Bryant’s listening space where her words and music cast a magic spell. All the while, the Scouts were hurling wet sponges into the air thanks to a catapult put together using their knotting skills.

The BBQ smells were wafting around the garden, which is looking terrific thanks to the Hall’s gardening team. Local musicians added just the right notes.

A wonderful display of photographs graced our hall while the photographer roamed the crowd documenting the day.

The biggest and best bit was the atmosphere. Quaama welcomes all with a relaxed and friendly vibe like nowhere else. Can’t wait for New Year’s Eve!