Reclaim the Riverbank – next meet, Sunday Sept 27

UPDATE: article from The Triangle, October 2015
Reclaim the Riverbank

Time: 9.30am –11.30am. Meet at the Quaama Dry River rest area.

We need to make a big push along the track towards the cemetery, from the bottom end, so please bring brush-cutters, loppers, hedge trimmers, plus gloves, goggles & earmuffs.

The plan is to slash down as much of the dead vegetation as possible to prevent any honeysuckle regrowth getting up again. Also, if there is time … some planting along that area.

If you can’t make it on the weekend but can put in an hour or two at another time during the week, that would be great. Speak to me or Chris Post (0411 594 092) if you need more information.

We hope to see lots of bodies on the Sunday to make a big dent in the job. If you haven’t managed it before, now is a good time; beginning of spring, good company, a worthwhile cause. Come out of hibernation and have an enjoyable morning making a big difference.

Rose Chaffey
(02) 6493 8486

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