Quaama public toilets – what will happen to them?

UPDATE: We hope to post an updated report on the Quaama public toilets soon.


The Quaama public toilet block next to our hall came very close to closing to the public last year.

UPDATE: Wednesday, Simon Schweitzer and his offsider Ben Thomas from Council will be onsite at the Quaama public toilets to speak with locals about the facility. It isn’t a meeting. You can just stop in and give them your opinion. Do you think Council should give us a disabled toilet? It won’t take a minute. Drop in and have a word. They’ll be there for a full three hours; from 3 to 6 pm Wednesday the 20th.

Council informed the Quaama Hall Committee of their plan to upgrade the toilet to include a disabled module then hand it over to them to maintain as part of the hall. It would have been closed to everyone other than users of the hall.

We rallied support from local community groups and lobbied Council to keep the toilet open. Council voted that a report be prepared on the Quaama toilet and that it would stay public until that report was considered. Despite that report not being done to date, the infrastructure group under Wayne Sartori has said that they are reconsidering putting the disabled module onto the existing block. We are concerned and confused that they are making decisions about this toilet before the facts were put to the Councilors.

When confronting them with how these decisions could be made before the report was completed and considered, they have (finally) agreed to prepare the report and want to meet with us to gauge local support.


They will be here this Wednesday afternoon, May 20th from 3 to 6pm. We are hoping that enough people will attend to show Council that Quaama should have this facility; for the disabled people in our area and for our elderly, who might need a rail or two to use the toilet safely.

If you care about this issue, please take it upon yourselves to rally support and have as many people show up on the day to make Council realise that we are united and want the best outcome for our village.

Thanks so much! We hope to see you there.


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