QPA Meeting – Thursday 9 Feb

The first meeting of the new look QPA will be held on Thursday 9 February at 11-13 Cobargo Street, Quaama at 10am ​(note: this meeting is not at Quaama Hall).

Positions that need filling are: Secretary, Membership Officer, Events Co-ordinater and Online/hard copy advertising assistant (job descriptions available, email us for details)  
… all new residents very welcome.

The agenda for discussion includes:

  1. Tree planting next Spring… Can we involve the School children? What should we plant?
  2. The WiFi hotspot … in the Park or at the Hall? Things we need to cover regarding security/ insurance and cost.
  3. The Autumn Fair/Dog Show … Is this still needed? What does the community want now?
    3a. Will we cater for the big dance party (Firies Fundraiser) at the hall in April instead?
  4. The return of monthly dinners at the Hall? … with so many new comers to Quaama, would this be the best way for people to meet? What Guest speakers can we find?
  5. The council required us to pay a fee to hold our meetings at the hall (due Sept. 2016) … do we really need it? Would meetings be better in members homes?
  6. The role of the QPA today? As a registered charity we can raise funds to maintain the hall/plant trees/put on events for the community. Are we still relevant?? Does the community we support, support us?
  7. What is covered by our insurance and how far does it extend?

If you can’t attend, but have an opinion on these, or any other issues, please email quaamaprogressassociation@gmail.com​

Carolyn Bate