NYE rocks in Quaama again

New Years Eve quaama 2014 - outside

Verandah performances – New Year’s Eve, Quaama Hall.

The crowd started trickling in just before 7pm, and by 7.30 the Quaama Hall lawn was packed. Everyone wore jackets and jumpers, some even beanies. We’d had a run of damp, warm, thundery evenings up to New Year’s Eve, but tonight was cold. At least it was dry.

They came from all over. A couple of travellers from Batemans Bay (they got a billet for the night). Some from Narooma, from Beauty Point, from Tathra. Even a guy from London – did we even put up a poster there?!

All credit to Dave Hooper, who pulled together a great line-up of local musicians on the verandah to warm us up for the main act (he put together the main act too). The gravelly tones and gritty attitood of singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Kara Imagen (how this girl doesn’t have a recording contract is beyond me), the softer, sweeter songs of singer/guitarist Zoe Carroll, all-time-fave covers from guitarist John Atkins, classical reveries from flautist Rebecca Platts, and a few hits from the Quaama Can’t Sing Choir, arranged and accompanied on guitar by (again!) Dave Hooper.

At 9.30 pm All Fluff No Substance struck the first chord and a flurry of drumbeats, and the crowd surged into the Hall. The band was Steve Clarke and Dave Hooper on guitar, Glen Cooper on bass, Russell Cook on drums, Dave Knaap and Peter Honer on keyboards, and Ann Fagan and Cora Zwiep on vocals. A well-honed selection of classic 70s and 80s rock kept the dance floor packed and hopping until well after midnight. The band looked like they were having a great time. I know the crowd did.

The Quaama Progress Association New Year’s Eve Party Sub-Committee (whew!) was Carolyn Bate, Catherine McEwan and Bhagya. Carolyn also served up tapas from the kitchen, delicious morsels to complement our picnics, and very popular. Carolyn was grateful in the extreme for the help of Linda and Fiona, who noticed how busy she was getting and fronted right up.

Thanks also to the excellent crowd, who came early, stayed late and made their appreciation clear. It was great to see such a spread of ages, from three years to maybe 73, all on the dance floor – even if those at either end didn’t necessarily make it to midnight.

Another fabulous New Year’s Eve in Quaama – it’s starting to feel like a tradition…

Jen Severn