Next community documentary screening – 15 November

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Title: Wastecooking – Make food not waste
Feature-length documentary by David Gross and Georg Misch

Date: Sunday, 15 November
Where: CWA Cottage in Cobargo
Time: 4.30pm Coffee and tea provided – bring your own mug. To cover the costs a $5 donation is much appreciated.

• In Europe three million tons of bread is thrown out every year,
enough to feed all of Spain.
• One quarter of the world’s water consumption is used to grow food
that ends up in the trash.

In this documentary Austrian David Groß takes wastecooking on a
European tour. His mission: Travel through 5 European countries in 5
weeks and only cook up what others throw out or allow to go to waste.
David got some help along the way from friendly activist groups, chefs
and scientists.

Wastecooking takes the old proverb – One man’s trash is another man’s
treasure – very seriously. They take the garbage from our throwaway
society and turn it into delicious meals, thereby turning consumerism
on its head!

“According to the world food organization FAO one third of all the
food produced around the world lands in the garbage. That’s so easy to
say, but the issue really gets under my skin. My waste cooking tour is
also a self-experiment: is it possible to live on only what our
consumer-driven society leaves by the wayside?” David Groß

Wastecooking is a movement aimed at protesting food waste with gusto.
Without the moralistic finger-wagging, and always with a pinch of
humor. Wastecooking transforms trash into delicious dishes!

Watch the trailer online
See you there. Lena