Next community documentary screening – 13 December

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Title: Song of the New Earth
Feature-length documentary by Ward Serrill

Date: Sunday, 13 December
Where: CWA Cottage in Cobargo
Time: 4.30pm Coffee and tea provided – bring your own mug. To cover the costs a $5 donation is much appreciated.

Managing to avoid New Age clichés, Song of the New Earth presents the
extraordinary life of Tom Kenyon, a country singer turned brain
scientist and sound shaman.

Tom Kenyon was on his way to fame as a country singer in Nashville
when he began to experience uninvited paranormal states of
consciousness. His quest to understand these experiences sent him on a
journey into different belief systems.

But spirituality did not give him all the answers he needed, and he
turned to science. After qualifying as a psychotherapist – in part, he
admits, to find out if he was going crazy – he spent years studying
the effects of sound and music on the human brain and nervous system
and is now an internationally recognized authority on the science of

The film explores in depth the cutting edge scientific research which
proves that sound shifts brain states and promotes dramatic healing.

We follow Tom Kenyon’s journey from the stage on Broadway, to giant
caves in the south of France, the golden-chandeliered symphony halls
of Vienna and finally to the snowy peaks of Tibet, performing with his
unique – almost four octave range – voice.

Song of the New Earth informs, inspires, and provides an extraordinary
opportunity to experience how sound and music can be powerful medicine
for ourselves and our world.

Watch the trailer online

See you there. Lena

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