Fireside Fair

After the Fireside Fair 2013

We managed to dodge a nasty-looking weather forecast for the Fireside Fair, instead getting a classic, crisp, mostly sunny winter’s day, perfect. Quaama Quisine in the supper room was doing a roaring trade in soups, stews and wholesome bakes, and Bhagya told me she’d signed up 14 new members for the Quaama Progress Association. When I arrived Catherine McEwan was jujing up a model in hats and coats and various other items of apparel and bling for the appreciative onlookers. Jujing, I said. No, it’s new to me too, but that’s what it sounded like. Ask her, maybe I got the spelling wrong. Maybe it’s zsuzsing, à la Zsa Zsa Gabor?

After lunch I managed to catch Dave Hooper and the Bad Examples on the verandah stage. The Bad Examples are Peter Honer on keyboards, Rob Connal on cello, Al Holly on guitar – was it a 12-string? – and of course Dave plays drums and various stringed things. They sound great. A bit jazzy, a bit moogie, some classic covers and some very smooth original numbers. They got a few people dancing too.

There were 30 entries in the Cooking Comp and the winners (Judge’s Choice) were Caroline Long for her Lemon Cordial (Citrus Preserves category) and Kym Sinclair for his Roast Vegetables with Cous Cous (Campfire Cooking). Highly commended were Bayley for his Lemon Butter and Kara Coen for her Orange Lemon Toffee Cakes. The People agreed with Judge Kel about Caroline’s cordial, with Annette Heyhorn’s Orange Butter the runner up in the popular vote, but respectfully demurred about the Campfire Cooking, voting for Letitia Carroll’s Hot Pumpkin Pot as the popular choice with Kym once again awarded runner up, this time for his Roast Lamb.

In the Beanie Competition winners decided by popular vote were (Wildest) Cathy Blake for her much desired felted creation and runner up Catherine McEwan’s attention grabbing tam o’ shanter, and Most Loved was Bayley’s colourful creation, one that he made himself.  Runner up was Barbara McGinity.

Kids’ corner was very popular with a number of beautiful yarn weavings now adorning the “Fireside Tree” – special thanks to Rebecca for keeping the kids occupied for almost the whole day.

The QPA raised over $700 which covers fair costs and leaves a substantial amount to be returned to community projects. Thanks go to the Cobargo Pre-School for hosting the BBQ, all the performers, presenters and stallholders, the untiring members of the QPA and to all the members of the community near and far who helped in the kitchen, with setting up, clearing up and coming along.  Can’t be done without community help.