Reclaim the Riverbank – next meeting 30 May

A small but enthusiastic and happy group met on April 25th to carry out our revegetation work. Recent rains had brought the river level up over some of the planted area, but all the plants survived, even though some of the tree guards were washed away.

We spent about an hour repairing the damage and planting more further up the bank. The group then took a walk through the area further east of the bridge where some preparatory weed control has been done.
Council is offering another round of environmental grants and the Quaama Dry River/Reclaim the Riverbank group will submit another application. If successful the money will be used in part to hire contractors to clear the dead blackberry and honeysuckle, thus making way for our group to come in and begin planting in the cleared areas.

We will also engage someone to run a revegetation workshop, date to be advised.
The next riverside meeting will be Saturday May 30th, 9.30–11.30am.

With just a few people a lot can be achieved in two hours. We hope to see you there, and thank you tho those who were able to come this month.