Community Doco Screening, Sunday 12 March

TITLE: Vessel. A film by Diana Whitten
DATE: Sunday, 12 March
VENUE: Old Cobargo Butter Factory (Cobargo-Bermagui Rd)
TIME: 3.30pm Coffee and tea provided – bring your own mug.

To help cover costs a $5 donation is appreciated.

Within the theme of International Women’s day 2017 – Be Bold For Change we’re showing ‘Vessel’ in the Community Doco screening

Rebecca Gomperts is a Dutch doctor who pushes the limits of abortion law. Her method: she visits countries where abortions are illegal, to provide abortions on a ship in offshore waters.

An unabashed work of advocacy, the documentary follows Dr. Gomperts to several countries. While the statistics and arguments about the need for legal abortion are unlikely to strike viewers as new, the film vividly illustrates the precariousness of access.

Her project, Women on Waves, begins as flawed spectacle, a media frenzy, faced with governmental, religious, and military blockades. In a sequence from 2004, as the Women on Waves vessel nears Portuguese waters, it is met by two warships. Dr. Gomperts goes on Portuguese television and reveals the pharmaceutical method by which women might on their own induce abortion, information the film illustrates in detailed animation. (Abortion later became legal in Portugal.)

‘Vessel’ becomes a film not just about abortion but also about activism. It raises provocative questions about the power of laws to police information in an increasingly globalised world.

watch the trailer

Please come in big numbers to keep more documentary screenings possible!
See you there.
Lena Kuppins

From a community mailout by Lena Kuppins. 

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