After the brunch…

Next QPA Meeting: 9am, Thursday 8 October

Update: After the Dragon’s Den Brunch on Saturday 12 September there are a wealth of ideas being tossed about for spending the funds burning a hole in the QPA’s pocket.

The QPA was after community groups who were long on ideas but short on funding to implement them.

And the ideas now on the table include, in no particular order:

  • a Community Spirit Award for Quaama School;
  • shouting the Hall rental for the ‘Little Night In’;
  • distribution to residents of free tube stock plants at the Spring Fair;
  • a cubby house in the Hall grounds;
  • a tool lending/borrowing co-op;
  • items needed by the Fire Brigade;
  • fencing part of the park for a doggy playground;
  • better signage at both ends of the town to encourage people to visit Quaama;
  • supporting the building of a columbarium at the cemetery to house ashes and as a memorial to all the graves left unmarked since the big fire went through in the ’50s; and
  • a local business directory sign.

The QPA stresses that they are there for advice and support (and the money) but will not be ‘actioning’ any plans.

Anyone with thoughts on any of these ideas, or with ideas of their own (it’s not too late), can call Bhagya on 6493 8369. All ideas will be discussed and voted on at the next QPA meeting at 9am on Thursday 8 October.

QPA Community Brunch

Date: Saturday 12th September
Time: 11am to 1pm
Where: Quaama Hall Supper Room, Quaama School of Arts hall

After many successful events and fairs as well as adding in the Quaama Cuisine takings, the Quaama Progress Assoc. has money to spend on Quaama community projects.

Since we’re a non-profit community organisation, we want to give it back to the community in the best way possible, but how?

To bounce around ideas, we’d love you to come along to a brunch that we’ll put on for anyone who shows up (bring a plate! or don’t, it doesn’t matter…) to discuss how to best invest in the community.

Some ideas that have been tossed around are: tree planting in the centre of town, mapping the lost graves of the Quaama Cemetery, starting a deck chair outdoor cinema during the summer, clearing paper road walking tracks or supporting established local groups that have ideas already that they’d love to take to the next step.

We’ll provide tea and coffee and will be cooking up a storm (as usual) serving standard, vegetarian and gluten free offerings including some version of a bacon and egg roll, gluten free waffles, frittata, bircher muesli with home grown stewed fruit, you get my drift…

So, have a think about what you’d be excited to see happen around town, grab your friends and family and come along!

Contact: Glennda 6493 8414 or bhagya 6493 8369

PS: We’d really appreciate a reply email if you’re planning to come – for catering practicalities (otherwise we have NO idea how many we’ll be cooking for!).

See you then!


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