First Cobargo Seed Savers Divide & Swap Day, 25 July

July is a great month to get your veggie patch ready for the next growing season. And Seed Savers has two “Divide & Swap” days coming up … one in Bega Friday 7th July and our very first one in Cobargo on Tuesday 25th July (see details below), to help you get some interesting edible plants into your garden.

What’s it about?

Some veggies and useful plants grow from clumps, tubers and bulbs rather than from seeds and are propagated in winter – e.g. rhubarb, turmeric, berry canes, strawberries, yacon, arrowroot, Vietnamese mint, lemongrass.

Bring along some of these plants from your garden and swap or share them with other folk in the community to help strengthen our local food network and get some useful plants growing in the neighbourhood.

Haven’t got any?
Come along anyway – excess plants will be sold for a small amount after 10am in Bega and also available at the gathering in Cobargo.

Cobargo Seed Savers Divide and Swap Day
When: Tuesday 25th July, 10am – 12pm
Where: Tam and Riv’s place, 18 Blackbutt Drive Cobargo

So, dig up and divide those rhubarb crowns, split those turmeric tubers, break up those yams and bring your surplus along to these gatherings!

Happy dividing and look forward to seeing you at either, or both, of this month’s events.


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